What is a Karma Kit?

A Karma Kit is a self-supporting operation. We have created these buckets to rescue you from being stranded on your hike or bike ride. The bucket contains the most essential items to get you back home safely.

How does it Work?

The idea is simple: if you take something, bring back a replacement! Or if this is a one-time trip to the area for you, take a donation envelope and mail us a cash donation to cover the cost of the replacement item.

Where are the kits placed?

For current locations, please visit our locations page.

Have a real emergency?

Call 911 or look on the map for the nearest fire or police stations.

List of Karma Kit Contents:

700 x 23 60mm Long Presta Valve Tubes
26 x 1.5 Presta Valve Tubes
Tires Levers
Patch Kits
Energy Bars (Please look at expiration date before eating!)
First Aid Kit
Garbage Bags (Handy Rain Coats)
Self Addressed Envelopes for Donations!

Suggested Donations for Supplies

Tube     $7
Patch Kit     $3
Water     $2
Food     $3
Tire Lever    $2

Can I create my own Karma Kit?

Sure, just send us a note!

Can I donate?

Hell yes you can donate! You have extra tubes? We’ll take them. You have extra dollars? We’ll humblytake those too.

Please bring all donations to 3335 Solano Ave. in Napa.

If you would like to donate money, please make checks out to Andre Garcia with Karma Kits in the memo.