Karma Kits

Have you heard about Karma Kits? They are self-sustaining five gallon buckets filled with all the necessities a cyclist or hiker might need to get home safely. The “karma” part is this: if you take anything from the bucket while out on the trail, you bring the same thing back to replace it later. No money needs to exchange hands, as it’s based on the honor system.

There are currently kits spread around Napa and Sonoma Counties, with more to come!

Here’s the short list of supplies in each bucket: Tubes, Food, Water, Patch Kits, Tire Levers, First Aid Kit, and an information packet with instructions on how to change a flat and other vital information.

The idea for these buckets came from the “Trail Angels” or “Trail Magic” buckets on the Pacific Rim Trail for backpackers. I thought that it would benefit cyclists to have these in places where they might be out of cell phone reception. It took four years to create the first two, but now that the specifics have been worked out more should come soon.

The Eagles Cycling Club has already generously donated towards the cause, but we can use more help to get more buckets out there. We already have more than enough food and tubes; what we need is money to help cover the cost of lamination for the information packets, and the decals on the buckets. Or if you prefer to donate your time, we have buckets that need cleaning and labeling.

You can drop any donations off at Bicycle Works.  Just ask for Andre, or let anyone know that it is for Karma Kits. We ask that you drop off all donations at Bicycle Works and not directly to the buckets; please only replace what you take! For more information check out on Facebook!